Paul Suits and Ted Nugent pausing for a picture
As Ted Nugent put it:
Onager Uses
Behringer Digital Mixers,
Carvin Amps, Speakers,
Behringer Amps, Electronics
Shure Microphones
Shure Wireless products
PRS Guitars
Epiphone Guitars and Basses
CAD Microphones
Ontek Speakers
Gateway Computers
Schecter Guitars, Basses
Line 6 Guitar Processors
Line 6 Guitars
Ibanez Guitars
DW Drums
Alesis Electronics
Roland Keyboards
Fender Guitars and Basses
Gibson Guitars
Bugera Amplification
DBX, ART, and Digitech
Audio Technica  monitors
Yamaha Basses
SWR Bass Amps
Onager - Live Classic Rock/Variety,   Onager - Live Classic Rock/Variety,   Onager - Live Classic Rock/Variety
Onager (pronounced On-a-jer), is a 5 piece band from the Scottville / Ludington area.
Onager has been playing high energy Classic Rock and Variety music since 1987. With
professional vocalists and musicianship, Onager has the uncanny ability to faithfully
replicate the hits of yesterday the way you remember them.
The combination of musical talent and on stage presence make Onager one of the
area's top drawing acts. One visit to a show will give clear reason why.
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