Paul Conant
Paul Conant
Paul Conant has been interested in music his entire life. He started
out playing Alto Saxophone in school. At the age of 16, he got his
first bass guitar from the Sears catalog. He and his younger brother
who plays guitar, learned to play songs from bands like Black
Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. They started to get better and formed
many bands through the years.

Paul loves playing to this day and enjoys learning new styles of
music. He has been in a variety of cover and original bands. In 2013
he recorded his first LP with the band Soulkast.

Several years ago Paul met Onager's drummer Aaron Bryan
through business. They found out they both played in bands and
stayed in contact. In April 2014, Aaron contacted Paul after
Onager's original bass player moved out of state. Paul was
wrapping up prior playing commitments and auditioned with Onager
to get the job. He enjoys the skill and talent level of the band and
says it is one of the most professional bands he's been in.