Thanks to everybody who came out to the Entertainment Tent at Fountain's 125th Community Celebration. This is one of
the best crowds we have performed for. Unfortunately, we were disappointed that there were still 4 cases of beer left.
We thought you guys could drink ?  Maybe next time !
The crowd waiting for Onager to hit the stage
Who loves Onager ?
More people who love Onager
Peace man!
Pick me!  Pick Me!  Pick me! Pick me !
Fountain's 125th Community Celebration
I thought this was a polka band !
Paul rippin' it up on the guitar
Onager is O.K. !
A shameless product plug, Truely shameless
Help me! I'm drowning in a sea of dancers !
All this dust in my nose is making ......
All the way from Florida ! Bubba Stewarts neighbors, honest !
Fox, Rock, and Beer. What an awesome trio !
Paul's daughter having toooo much fun ! Gonna miss her when she moves to Mississippi !
Not everybody wants their picture on the Onager website
Everybody gets 15 seconds of fame. The Onager stage is an awesome choice!
Hey, one hell of a good party!  You guys were excellent as  usual. If you would have kept playing we could
have finished the beer. Only 4 or 5 last songs wasn't enough.I had a girl who has been in fountain all her life
tell me she has never seen a fountain party where more people were dancing and listening to the band than
were hanging by the bar.  Had a really good time.
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