Born March 6, 1977 in Muskegon, Michigan, I first fell in love with
the stage around age 2 at the old Village Inn Pizza Parlor. A small,
local band was playing and, as I was told, I was up front dancing
when the singer handed me a mic and invited me to “sing” with the
band. I'm sure it wasn't much more than cute noise, but they had
trouble getting their mic back and getting me off the stage. Growing
up, there was always a “concert” in the living room with a coffee
table stage and a hair brush mic. I forced my younger siblings to
play “Star Search” where we would get out the cam-corder and lip
sync and dance to our favorite songs. The show was complete with
comedy routines and commercials. Unfortunately, there is
embarrassing video evidence of this. Of which, I hope no one will
ever see.

    In Junior High/High School I was involved in choir. We
participated in district and state level competitions, never earning
lower than a 2nd division rating. We also put together many musical
theater productions. Senior year, I was selected, along with kids
from all over the country, to audition for a choir headed for a tour of
Europe. Being too boy-crazy and not being able to think past what
might be happening on the weekend, I did not attend the audition.
After high school, while waiting tables at Village Inn, I would sing
karaoke during my shift. This would always generate more tips, but
also made the boss mad. Later that year, I was asked to perform a
couple songs for a local public television show. I have never seen
the tape, but I'm sure it's funny. The program aired on and off over a
few months at 2:00 am.

    After I had my two kids, I decided to pursue my passion of singing
and entertaining. In the fall of 2005, I was hosting an open mic night
in Fremont when I was asked to sing with a band. Christmas of '05, I
started learning to play the guitar. I started working part-time as a
Karaoke Host and DJ. I entered, and won a couple, karaoke
contests.  By the spring of '07, I was singing with “The Fifth
Degree.” It was fun and I learned a lot. Since May of 2008, I have
been working as an Acoustic Solo Artist, playing small venues and
wedding ceremonies. I'm still looking for places to play. When I'm not
working on music, I'm a regular wife & mom, complete with home-
made meals and lots of laundry.

    I'm so excited to be a part of Onager! The guys are the best local
musicians I've heard. The music is ROCKIN' and I just can't sit still
when they play, so that makes the stage show something to be
seen. I'm learning new things and  having a BLAST! Come on out
and ROCK with us!!!
Onager - West Michigan's Premier Classic Rock /Variety Band
Jen Reagan